How I pay for my Ministry and Amateur Radio Habits!

School Bus Driver

I have been driving a school bus for the Highlands County School Board since 2006.

Darrell Davis KT4WX standing by bus number 176

Picture of Darrell Davis KT4WX standing by Highlands County school bus number of 176.

Part Time Business Owner – Heartland Technologies

 I operate a part time business called Heartland Technologies since 2006.   These jobs support my ministry habits 🙂

Occupations in the Past

Work I have done in the past have the following: worked in the construction business with my father from 1985-1994, a company that made chemical applications products 1995-1997, head of security for a juice plant 1997-1999, running a computer lab for patients use at a neurological rehabilitation facility 1999-2002.  I also have drove for a community transport company part time from 2011-2015.


My Education Background

I went to Lake Wales Christian School from 1976 until the school was forced to close due to declining enrollment in 1984. After going to Temple Christian School for one year, I graduated from high school at Lake Wales Senior High School in 1987. I attended Traviss Vocational Technical Center for two years and studied Industrial Electronics and finished in 1989.

In 2007, after being out of school for many years, I enrolled at South Florida State College as a part time student to earn my Associate of Science degree in Computer Engineering Technology. I plan to go on after finishing my A.S. degree and work towards a Bachelor of Science degree.