My lay ministry in service to the Lord.

I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ at the Maranatha Baptist Church in Zolfo Springs, FL. I am involved in the following areas of ministry:

Leading the congregation in singing praise to the Lord:

Church Sound and Recording Ministry:

Website Maintenance Ministry:

My Salvation Testimony and entry into My Layman Ministry

My Parents entered me into Lake Wales Christian School in the fall of 1976 when I was in 1st Grade. The church was most symbols and ceremony and very little in substance or real Christian living, as I would realize years later. However in February 1980 and when I was in 4th grade, one day I was attending the chapel service in our Christian school. Upon hearing the message, I realized I was a sinner and needed Christ as Saviour. After returning to class, my teacher asked if anyone needed to accepted Christ as Saviour. I raised my hand and went to the room next door and it was there I knelt and accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour of my life.

In August 1980, while my Mom was registering me for fall classes at Lake Wales Christian School, the new church secretary invited my Mom and I to First Missionary Baptist Church, which ran Lake Wales Christian School. The church secretary even offered to pick us up for church, being we were almost neighbors. My Mom and I started attending regularly. In early 1981, the assistant pastor visited our home and led my Mom to the Lord. Then My Mom and I were faithful to the church and began to work in the bus ministry later in 1981.

My lay ministry began in 1986, when the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, which was formerly First Missionary Baptist Church, asked me to lead the congregational songleading. I also did music in the nursing home ministry. I have been in the lay ministry since that time. I have been active in different church ministries: Trinity Baptist Church of Lake Wales, FL from 1986-1995, Calvary Baptist Church of Avon Park, FL from 1995-2003, and finally Maranatha Baptist Church of Zolfo Springs, FL, from 2003-2004 and since 2006.