My brief biography in “Readers Digest” form.

I got into the main hobby of life, amateur radio, with my first license (Novice class) in 1989. I upgraded to Technician class two months after getting my Novice class license. Then I upgraded from Technician to Advanced class, skipping General class, in 1990. Then I upgraded to Amateur Extra (the highest class amateur radio license in the United States) in 2000. I have been active on the radio over most of the time since being first licensed, but recently became more active again after being nearly inactive from 2004-2009.

It was at Lake Wales Christian School that I accepted Christ as Saviour in February 1980, in 4th Grade. I have been active in different church ministries: Trinity Baptist Church of Lake Wales, FL (which ran Lake Wales Christian School) from 1986-1995, Calvary Baptist Church of Avon Park, FL from 1995-2003, and finally Maranatha Baptist Church of Zolfo Springs, FL, from 2003-2004 and since 2006. I continue to serve the Lord in the following areas: music ministry, church secretary, sound technician, and webmaster.

I have worked in the construction business with my father from 1985-1994, a company that made chemical applications products 1995-1997, head of security for a juice plant 1997-1999, running a computer lab for patients at a neurological rehabilitation facility 1999-2002, and finally a school bus driver from 2003-present. I have also been in part time business doing computer repair since 2006.