Welcome to the Personal Website of Darrell Davis - KT4WX

I hope you enjoy my personal website. Please take a look around and check out my website. You will learn all their is to know about me: What I do to pay my bills, my lay ministry serving God, my amateur radio activities, and projects I am currently working on when time permits. Leave me a note on my contact form below if you have a question for me or comment about the site.

RECENT NEWS (7/17/17):

I have been in the early phases of designing a standalone APRS radio that will have USB ports, of which one will be for a keyboard to make messaging easier and one to attach it to a computer. The radio will also have a built in GPS receiver and one touch screen to display nearby stations and another small OLED screen for frequency and signal strength readout. I have almost all the parts to build the prototype and hope to have it ready if I can raise the money to go to the 36th Annual ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference which is being held in St. Louis, Missouri this coming September.

RECENT NEWS (7/17/17):

I have been busy this summer doing the following: (1) Working doing a number of Field Trips for the daycare programs at various elementary schools in the Avon Park area. Even took one trip where I got to go on an airboat ride which was neat. (2) Working on rewiring my base station and adding emergency battery power and doing some much needed antenna work (3) Working on getting my shop staightened up to do several future projects and (4) Working on catching up on maintenance on the websites for Maranathat Baptist Churchand my evangelist friend Wayne Nelson and my personal website to upgrade them all to WordPress to make maintenance and upkeep much easier.

Picture of Maranatha Baptist Church Website

Picture of Brother Wayne Nelson's Website

RECENT NEWS (7/11/17)

After much soul searching and prayer, I decided to go back to work for one more year driving a school bus in Highlands County and will continue working towards my college education. I need 22 more credit hours to graduate with my AS in Computer Engineering Technology. I have now returned to sleeping normally with God’s help so I can go back to school

RECENT NEWS (6/27/17):

Christine KK4KJN and I just completed our part of the 2017 ARRL West Central Florida Field Day Caravan. We did 264 miles and stopped at 11 Field Day sites in 18 hours. It took us both down real hard and next year we will limit our tour to a maximum of 9 stops per day.

RECENT NEWS (5/26/17):

I just finished the 2016-2017 school year driving a school bus and am just starting a much needed break. Exploring all my options for employment and continuing my education this next school year.

RECENT NEWS (3/21/17):

I finally got my personal website changed over from GoDaddy to a new hosting provider that turned out to be a lot cheaper annually, but the changeover of my hosting and particularly my domain was fraught with difficulty, but Praise the Lord, it is complete



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You may contact me by the following methods:

  • Email: kt4wx@arrl.net
  • Telephone: (863) 245-9923
  • U.S. Mail: 6350 Mills Road, Fort Meade, FL 33841-9584