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I hope you enjoy my personal website. Please take a look around and check out my website. You will learn all their is to know about me: What I do to pay my bills, my lay ministry serving God, my amateur radio activities, and projects I am currently working on when time permits. Leave me a note on my contact form below if you have a question for me or comment about the site.

RECENT NEWS (7/31/16):

Been busy doing a lot of Field Trips for an elementary school day care program in Avon Park and going back to work and college in August. Conducted my second Field Day caravan for the ARRL West Central Florida Section and even attended several radio club and ARES meetings. Got some of my projects done this summer including clearing out my storage building next to my Dad’s shop and getting it much better organized. Also got a lot of stuff ready to sell on eBay and either put it up for auction or do a full eBay store.

RECENT NEWS (7/02/16):

Praise the Lord for the blessing of recent newer radios to replace older radios in my base station. I found a great deal on a Yaesu FT7900R dual band FM transceiver to replace my old Yaesu FT5100R, which serves as a UHF FM radio. I was offered a deal on a Kenwood TS480SAT HF Radio to replace my old Kenwood TS930S. The nice part is that TS480SAT draws a lot less power on receive which is more conducive to emergency power.

RECENT NEWS (5/20/16):

Praise the Lord I was able to purchase a Tytera MD380 handheld radio for use in the MS Citrus Bike Tour. The nice thing is that it is a DMR/Analog UHF Handheld radio and works very well. Will get its induction into service in the upcoming MS Citrus Bike Tour

RECENT NEWS (3/07/16):

I am very excited and humbled that my PICAXE ID and Timeout Timer article was accepted for publication in QST last fall and it will appear in the April issue of QST which will come in a few days. Many thanks to Becky Schoenfeld W1BXY, Jennifer Glifford, Kai Swizak KE4PT for preparing my article for publication. A special thanks to my pastor’s wife and my adopted little sister Jennifer Goodwin for grammatical ediiting. Check out the Projects page here on my website on the development of the timer.

RECENT NEWS (3/05/16):

January and February have been a busy couple of months. Continuing my regular church ministry (sound system ops, website maintenance, congregational music, and encouragement of many who are in need. Starting two classes at South Florida State College (Electronics II and PC A+OS). Represented the ARRL at six hamfests (TARCFest, SCARS Tailgate, Desoto, Orlando Hamcation, Highlands, and Zephyrhills). Chaired, prepared and presented a new presentation at the West Central Florida Section Technical Conference. Towards the end of this month, ARRL Representation will slow down as hamfest season winds down. Looking forward to Spring Break from college and my paying job to get a break and to work on some projects that have been put on hold for a while.

RECENT NEWS (1/16/16):

Just turned another year older today and hard to believe I could draw my from my retirement plan in 15 years. Thanks to all for the good wishes. Now back to work and to part time college classes. Just concluded teaching my Christmas series "A Season To Celebrate" last Wednesday (1/13/16). I am now taking a break from teaching on Wednesday until May. This will give me a chance to finish the college semester, get some projects completed, and prepare more midweek lessons when I start back in May. In response to having intestinal difficulties far too often, I had some medical tests run. The medical tests revealed that I have a fatty liver and that I have diverticulosis, an intestinal disease. I also discovered that my digestion is mildly lactose intolerant and I cannot ingest a lot of bread either. My gastroenterologist recommended that I go on a low carbohydrate diet for a fatty liver. So far I have lost some weight but I am losing weight a few pounds every month to make it permanent.

RECENT NEWS (1/02/16):

Most recent projects that I have completed are:

(1) Building a new computer for my base station with a mini ITX motherboard purchased on Amazon for $58 with free shipping. The motherboard fit perfectly in an older case and power supply that I had on hand and it is comparable in power consumption to a laptop.

(2) Rebuilding the old Dell Dimension, which the original motherboard had died completely in late November after reloading Windows in it. I had on hand with a motherboard out of a Dell Optiplex 740 that I bought on eBay a couple of years ago. I did not have a case that worked with that motherboard as it needed a Dell case with the power switch panel proprietary to Dell motherboards. The Dell Optiplex motherboard fit perfectly in the old Dell Dimension case and it is now my shop computer

RECENT NEWS (12/02/15):

Between teaching the adults on Wednesday evening, taking a class at South Florida State College, doing my duties as Section Manager, it does not leave much time for workbench projects. I usually wind up doing projects in spurts it seems like. Now it is crunch time as the semester is drawing to a close and the first part of hamfest season concludes with the Tampa Bay Hamfest next week, then during the holidays I will have some project time. However I have managed to get a nice old 30 MHz oscilloscope for the workshop and an old Dell Dimension E310 for a desktop computer at my base station/work desk over our Thanksgiving break.

Picture of Manual Antenna Tuner for ARES Go-Kit Picture of Manual Antenna Tuner for ARES Go-Kit

RECENT NEWS (9/18-20/15):

After several months of planning, finally went to ARRL HQ in Newington, CT. Enjoyed meeting many of the staff at Headquarters and participating in the Section Managers Workshop for all new ARRL Section Managers. There were 18 of us present, which was twice the normal number due to the workshop not being held in 2014, due to the ARRL Centennial.
I also found out while I was HQ that my first article that I submitted to the ARRL, a PICAXE based ID/Timeout timer was accepted for publication in QST sometime in 2016. Look forward to seeing it in print and plan to write more articles and hopefully a PICAXE book for Amateur Radio.

Picture of Manual Antenna Tuner for ARES Go-Kit

RECENT NEWS (7/26/15):

I have been busy this summer with various projects including: building a new bed frame, repairing my old washing machine, installing a replacement bumper and two NMO mounts on my Ford Escort, installing HF antenna mounts in both cars, and an manual antenna tuner to use with my ARES Go-Kit, and finished up and send to the ARRL my first article for QST or QEX. I have a few more projects to complete before going back to work and back in college next month.

Picture of Manual Antenna Tuner for ARES Go-Kit

Picture of Manual Antenna Tuner for ARES Go-Kit Picture of Manual Antenna Tuner for ARES Go-Kit

Picture of HF Antenna Mount - Ford Thunderbird

Picture of Replacement Bumper for Ford Escort Out of Wood

Picture of Replacement Bumper for Ford Escort Out of Wood Picture of Replacement Bumper for Ford Escort Out of Wood

RECENT NEWS (7/19/15):

Started teaching the adults in the Midweek Service on Wednesday. Pastor Josh is working with the teenagers, and Monica (his sister) and Monte (his fathers) are teaching the primaries and juniors. I also preached today a message entitled, "Science and the Bible Believer - Perfect Harmony". The message audio and notes are available in the Sermons page.

RECENT NEWS (4/20/15):

Due to the fact that last two messages where I have been teaching (preaching if you will) through the Book of the Revelation did not get recorded, I am planning to go back and record those either from my amateur radio base station at home or at the church. I hope that these audio recording will be a blessing and help you in your own study in the Book of the Revelation. I am also in the process or re-typesetting all my sermon notes from the Book of the Revelation for consistency in typesetting and ease of reading. Once complete they will be available for download in PDF format as well for your own study.

Also in the process of getting my ARES Go-Kit ready for the MS Citrus Bike Tour on Saturday May 2, finishing the flowchart for the PICAXE Based ID and Timeout timer for publication in QST or QEX magazine, and finishing construction on the new 2 Meter repeater for Avon Park. But it always seems like something comes up to prevent work on those tasks.

RECENT NEWS (4/07/15):

It has been a while since I have updated this page or my Facebook page. I was sick late in February and most of the month of March. Praise the Lord I have fully recovered as of the first of this month. I have been busy preparing for and overseeing the successful First Annual West Central Florida Section Technical Conference which was held in Sebring on Saturday April 4, 2015. I prepared a new program on "Introduction to the Arduino" which I will be adding to my Project page.

RECENT NEWS (2/08/15):

The Lord impress me to go through Revelation Chapter 6 again and take a little more time doing the exposition and doing the study properly where believers will get more benefit. I started today in Sunday School and added some commentary to my sermon notes. Please check out my Sermons page for the new sermon audio and revised sermon notes

RECENT NEWS (2/06/15):

It has been a busy month for my first month as Section Manager of the ARRL West Central Florida Section. Putting a few new programs into effect, loading content to the new Section website, visiting three hamfests and several SPAR Winter Field Day sites, and conducting my first WCF Section Cabinet meeting and attending the first WCF Section ARES meeting at the same location at the Highlands County EOC. February is looking almost as busy.

RECENT NEWS (1/11/15):

I preached for Pastor Josh today a message the Lord gave to give to our people and it is just what many needed. God knew what our people needed. The message is on my Sermons page. The notes and the link to the sermon audio in MP3 format is there.

RECENT NEWS (1/10/15):

I assumed office as the new Section Manager of the ARRL West Central Florida Section Manager and am finally starting to get into a routine after the initial paperwork rush of the beginning of any new Section Manager taking office. Take a look at the new Section website I have helped our Section webmaster. Judson Bracewell KJ4IDH. He set up the structure and I ported over almost all the old content. Please click here for the new ARRL West Central Florida Section Website

RECENT NEWS (12/25/14):

A quote from my Facebook page which is appropriate here, "I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you who are my friends on Facebook a very Merry Christmas. Do not forget the real meaning of this season: The Son of God, came into the world in the humblest of circumstances and never ceased to be God. After being born in an animal barn, was laid in a feeding trough, and the first visitors to His entrance in the world were shepherds. Shepherds were not considered the highest profession in standing at the time. He did this for our eternal redemption, and that is true meaning of Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!"

RECENT NEWS (12/24/14):

I am finally catching up on some website maintenance. Between being very busy with my two college classes at South Florida State College in Avon Park (which Fundamentals of Speech Communications was the hard one) and preparing to start my term as Section Manager of the West Central Florida Section, I have not updated my website properly. I have added my last issue of THE EXPERIMENTER as editor before turning it over to Geoff N1GY, A new picture and quote for December (although late), and some new updates right here.

RECENT NEWS (11/08/14):

Just added an ICOM 706 (not the MKII or the MKIIG) that I add after separating the control head from the radio and then added it to my ARES Go-Kit. Now I need to build the end-feed wire antenna tuner and finish interfacing the Raspberry PI for HF Digital and APRS on 2 Meters. Then the Go-Kit will be complete. The tool box I started with is nearly too small. Eventually will put all the radio equipment in a bigger tool box.

Picture of Portable Communications Station - Radio Box

RECENT NEWS (9/08/14):

I was notified today that my Petition for Nomination for Section Manager was the only petition filed during the nomination period. Therefore I was declared elected and will be the next Section Manager of the ARRL West Central Florida Section. My term of office will begin January 1, 2015 and will be for two years. I am in the process now of preparing to take office in January with all the preparations that will be necessary for that to take place on time. I wish to thank everyone for your written and verbal support, and I do ask for your prayers that my term in office will be pleasing to the Lord.

RECENT NEWS (9/07/14 and 8/31/14):

Preached again for Pastor Josh last Sunday (8/31/14) for his sabbatical Sunday and again today (9/07/14) due to his being ill. The messages notes for today are posted on the Sermons page. The sermon audio will be added later this week.

RECENT NEWS (7/25/14) Updated (7/27/14):

Preached two messages today (Sunday 7/26) at Maranatha Baptist Church. I filled in for Pastor Josh who was on vacation. The sermon notes are now posted on the Sermons page. I have corrected the typos and reposted the notes. The message audio will be available shortly as soon as they are uploaded.

RECENT NEWS (7/25/14):

Completed more work on my portable communications station. Finished the power supply box yesterday (which includes a 12V/10A Power Supply, isolation circuitry, and two 12V 6AH gel cells wired in parallel. Finishing wiring an adapter for a Kenwood MC50 desk microphone to use with the VHF/UHF voice communications radio (Yaesu FT-5100R), and completed construction today on a portable antenna support structure, which I refer to as a "Quadpod". Pictures of the radio box, the new power supply box, and the portable antenna mounting system.

Picture of Portable Communications Station - Radio Box Picture of Portable Communications Station - Power Box

Picture of Portable Communications Station - Antenna Mount Picture of Portable Station Packed up

RECENT NEWS (7/23/14):

Finished today one of my projects that had to be completed this summer. I built a new set of entrance steps for my small house. They are made completely of pressure treated lumber and should last for years. All I need now is to install a handrail and paint them. Will do that in a few weeks.

Picture of new house steps

RECENT NEWS (7/13/14):

Just installed the new APRS Digipeater at the Hardee County EOC this last Tuesday (7/07/14). It is under the callsign of N4EMH-10 and consists of an Kantronics KPC3+ TNC and a Yaesu FT-2200 2 Meter FM transceiver. This will fill in coverage on the APRS Network in Hardee County where there was a gap. The map was obtained from http://www.aprs.fi.

Image of APRS Map with N4EMH-10 position.

RECENT NEWS (6/29/14):

Preached for Pastor Josh Goodwin in the afternoon service on 6/29/14 and the midweek service of 6/25/14. Check out my latest sermons on the sermons page.

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