Welcome to the Personal Website of Darrell Davis – KT4WX

NOTE 1/28/22:  I just migrated my person website over to iBrave Hosting, where I got hosting for life for one fee.  I have a few minor bugs to fix as of this time.

I hope you enjoy my personal website. Please take a look around and check out my website. You will learn all their is to know about me: What I do to pay my bills, my lay ministry serving God, my amateur radio activities, and projects I am currently working on when time permits. Leave me a note on my contact form below if you have a question for me or comment about the site.

Contact Information

You may contact me by the following methods:

  • Email: kt4wx@arrl.net
  • Telephone: (863) 245-9923
  • U.S. Mail: 6350 Mills Road, Fort Meade, FL 33841-9584

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